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Thursday : February 20th, 2003
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Creator Commentary & Latest News

Creator Commentary: none for this strip

The results of the first Oh My Gods! contest are in! Find out who won the first ever Create-a-Strip contest!

I implimented the long awaited e-mail list. Now you can recieve Oh My Gods! in your mailbox! Oh, just to ponder the possiblities!

Added the new Partners Section to the main page here, as a way to help promote strips I really like and strips that really like mine. Currently the only partner is It's All Been Done, which just started up recently. Hopefully I can get others to join on the "partner" bandwagon. I will have a page up explaining the details of partnering shortly.

I perfer Oh My Gods!...
With ice-cream & a cherry
Raw and wiggling
Shaken, not stirred

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It's All Been Done : What are a robot, toy helocoptor, teddy bear, snow leopard kitten and two humans doing in the town of Reflection... guess you will have to find out now won'tch ya?! There is just somthing about a manical teddy bear that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside...
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