1. Don’t use swear words of excessive lude content, it won’t win the contest
  2. A person can post as many entries as they want, but please keep it to some of what you feel are your “best” or “funniest” ideas, don’t post 500 ideas. Mass of ideas won’t win, wittiness will.
  3. These rules are subject to change based on the Creator’s (Shivian’s) extreamly large indesciveness and his very free swinging whim
  4. Anyone is able to participate, both registered users of the Forums, and unregistered users. Also, everyone from moderators, users and guests may participate.
  5. No-one’s idea will be given favortism due to past experiance, all will be judged equially
  6. Don’t submit an idea that requires props to be created or the strip to be visually changed in any way
  7. The words created don’t need to seem like they would “fit” into the word balloon setup. Just keep the submission short, as the strip obviousally has limited space.
  8. Spiritual Fishermen need not apply
  9. Offer void where prohibited
  10. No refunds, returns or exchanges