Oh My Gods! is a original web-based pagan-themed comic by creator Shivian Montar Balaris (aka TJ Colby).

This comic was made to have fun & make fun at the world at large and poke fun amongst Pagans. While the strip could easily poke fun at Christians or right-wing groups, these jokes are made all the time. I am not saying that the strip never will poke fun at them, I am simply saying that the focus is to make fun amongst Pagans, not Pagans making fun of other people. Therefore, no-one is a particular target, neither is anyone immune to being a target for the apparent “wit” of this petty strip.

The strip is not designed to be contiguous (meaning, have a structured plot flow).

Lastly, if you feel ashamed, annoyed, insulted, harassed, etc. by the strip and / or its content, then please, direct your comments to the Forum; that’s why it’s there, after all.

The Oh My Gods! Motto:
“Sacred Cows Make Such Tasty Hamburgers”