Become a Partner : April 14, 2016



Creator Commentary: The legs have arrived! Not for everyone, yet. I am reworking the character models to get everyone legs but it’s going to be a slow process. So far only Stan, Vera and Vincent have legs… with more to come.

Also, don’t expect the legs to be an everyday thing. There will be some days with legs, some days without, etc. It really depends on my mood and call within that strip (or by demand of my muse). They arrived because my muse said directly that “it [was] time” so here they be. I know they are going to get mixed reactions, the prototypes did as well. All I can say is that change always gets followers and protestors… so I am prepaired to deal with them. Anywho, hope you like, if you don’t… oh well… the it was time.

It’s evolving.

— Shivian

Become a Partner

Martin’s Misdirection : Pulling rabbits from hats? Child’s play compared to what this magician does! This is a guy who can… well… pull a rabbit from a hat. Alright, so maybe he can’t dazzle you with tricks, but he can make laughter appear from nowhere. Alright, so it was a bad joke, but you get the idea! [rating:ononononon]